Our commitment to the environment

Household appliances account for 30% of a household’s energy needs. As a manufacturer of household appliances, this means that Bauknecht has a particular responsibility – our products offer a high potential for saving energy, conserving natural resources and protecting the environment. The development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly household appliances is therefore a central focus for us.


Responsibility as a way of life

Respect for people, society and the environment has always been an overarching maxim for Bauknecht, and environmental responsibility is one of our key corporate values. As a globally operating business, we have developed strict standards for environmental protection and have integrated them into our everyday activities. We see legal regulations as the minimum that we owe to the society in which we live.

Active participation in the standards of the future

Bauknecht/Whirlpool plays an important part when it comes to creating future environmental standards and solving ecological issues. This involves taking an active part in the European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers (CECED) as well as a commitment within the European Union to promote proper recycling. To manage these activities, Bauknecht and Whirlpool have a cross-departmental environmental council that identifies environmental problems and develops solutions.


Our eco-design guarantees that more than 95% of any appliance can be recycled. This is achieved by selecting environmentally friendly materials. The design team is also committed to launching products with displays showing energy consumption and costs by 2015, providing customers with constant transparency.


We have already installed waste water treatment plants on all our production sites. We are also constantly working on reducing CO2 emissions, energy consumption and the use of harmful chemicals – including minimising waste products.


Here, we are taking care to use recyclable product packaging. In addition, we are setting up a more efficient and environmentally friendly dispatch process by using rail transport and making full use of transport vehicle capacity.


A full 90% of an appliance’s CO2 emissions occurs during use, so Bauknecht takes care when developing appliances to ensure that they consume as little water and energy as possible. The Bauknecht EcoPackage helps to save up to 50% or even 70% of resources each time an appliance is put into operation. Bauknecht also supports consumers by providing valuable information on dealing sustainably with resources.


We are working closely with the EU to further develop the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directive. Similarly, we are also participating in the EU programme to promote recycling.