Bauknecht - Reddot Award

red dot design award

Outstandingly designed products are presented the red dot award for product design every year.
The red dot award is one of the world’s largest and most prestigious design competitions.

Bauknecht - red dot award

red dot design award 2013
Bauknecht BlackLine is an award-winner

The red dot award in the category of product design denotes outstanding innovative skill, top quality and pioneering design. In this year’s competition, the panel of expert judges including star designer Jimmy Choo were impressed by BlackLine’s simple elegance and presented the product line with the world-renowned “red dot design award”. After the KitchenInnovation Awards and the PlusX Award, this is the third notable prize given to Bauknecht’s elegant line of kitchen appliances in brilliant black.
The following appliances are part of the BlackLine range and were awarded the prize in 2013:

- Built-in oven BLVMS 8100 SW
- Combi steamer ECTM 8145 SW
- Compact microwave oven EMCHD 8145 SW
- Full-size refrigerator KR 360 Bio A++ RES
- Freezer GKN 360 A+ LES
- Designer hood DWGR 6780 ES
- Designer hood DWGR 9780 ES


Bauknecht - red dot award

red dot design award 2012
LUMiQ combination fridge-freezers are award-winners

The flat doors give it a clear, refined look, making the appliances a perfect fit for a modern kitchen. The displays are intuitive to use and built optimally into the door, emphasising both the high-quality long metal handles and the elegant design. Additional comfort is provided by the durable, easy-to-clean ProTouch surfaces. This prevents unpleasant-looking fingerprints on the doors. For a better overall view while keeping energy consumption low, the inside of the appliance uses the efficient StarLight LED lighting system.
The following LUMiQ combination fridge-freezers received the 2012 red dot design award:

- LUMiQ KGN 5492 A2+ PT
- LUMiQ KGE 5392 A3+ PT
- LUMiQ KGE 5382 A3+ PT
- LUMiQ KGE 5382 A3+ WS
- KGE Platinum 5 A3+


Bauknecht - red dot award

rred dot design award 2011
for the Bauknecht KOSMOS built-in multi-function oven BLTM 9100

The extraordinary technology, innovative functions and handle-free, modern design won the judges over in 2011. The new, handle-free oven with its clearly arranged TouchControl panel is minimalist while also being sophisticated. Enjoy an appealing look and a variety of convenient features in your kitchen.


Bauknecht - red dot award

red dot design award 2010
for the Bauknecht KULT oven

The design of the Bauknecht KULT built-in oven is unique: the front of the appliance consists of a flat, all-glass door without a panel and which opens to the side. It is controlled through the large, colourful SmartCook text and image display with TouchControl, with a design and functionality inspired by high-grade consumer electronic devices.